Minibus Rental

Minibus Rental               VIP MONTPE TOURS has a Minibus Rental with a professional driver for those clients who need a vehicle with greater capacity to accommodate more passengers on a journey. There are times when hiring a minibus is the most sensible and economical option. From school field trips to wedding parties, minibuses offer safe transportation for a group.  

Minibus Rental. Ideal for airport transfers, congresses, urban tours, weddings, trips to the different towns of Catalonia, bachelor parties and sporting events. The service includes a professional driver or several depending on the distance to travel. The best means of transportation when traveling in small or large groups. Go at your own pace with us and travel in a comfortable way. Excellent for individual or multi-day tours.


Minibus Rental





Choosing a minibus rental in Barcelona is full of advantages for groups of people who want to take private excursions and / or urban excursions as well as other towns in Catalonia.

The minibuses drop you at the exact location of the destination. Compared to other means of transport such as trains, public buses or airplanes that only take you to the station or the closest airport in the city or town.

The minibuses are ideal for long and short-circuit distances within any region of the country or abroad.

Renting a minibus provides the flexibility you need in case you want to change your itinerary during the trip.

The minibuses offer the possibility to travel together with a group of friends, family, colleagues, regardless of their number.

The minibus concept has represented the ideal means of transport for years, especially when the planned itinerary integrates several destinations in a shorter period of time.

Renting a minibus is much more efficient from the point of view of consumption per passenger than any other means of transport.

Minibuses are the cheapest means of transport in terms of cost / passenger, a third cheaper than using the train and 70% cheaper than the plane.

The minibuses offer the possibility to choose the vehicle according to your options, the number of passenger seats and the price.

The minibus rental includes one or two professional drivers at your disposal for the entire trip, everything will depend on the route of the trip.

Any minibus can be replaced immediately in case of technical malfunction, avoiding long waiting periods at stations or airports

This service is available to both individuals and companies that need this type of transport with a driver.

All of our drivers know the main local and regional routes, they have an unbeatable knowledge of the road network. They can carry it safely and know how to avoid traffic jams depending on the area and time of each city.

Ideal for the transfer of groups to parties or weddings.

Summer is fast approaching, and we’re all thinking about vacations, field trips, and music festivals. A situation may occur where you need to travel with a group, for work or for leisure. We are here to get you to your destination safely, with a driver to navigate and take the stress out of your day. We remember that at VIP MONTPE TOURS, we guarantee that all our services are carried out by means of trained and revised vehicles to correctly carry out any of the routes we carry out, under the approval of expert professionals. In addition, and to further guarantee safety, we have qualified professionals for any of the vehicles we use to carry out the services, be it a minibus, minivan and high-end cars.

Finally, to facilitate the reservation of the Minibus Rental, you can use the form at the bottom of this page. A quick and easy way to request a ride on VIP MONTPE TOURS.

*We will take care of adapting an adjusted price corresponding to the service provided.


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